Secondary Towing & Storage

Transit Pros Secondary Towing
  • Stop Accruing Storage Fees
  • We Negotiate Price
  • Get Your Unit to Repair Shop of Your Choice
  • Get Your Unit Back on the Road

Transit Pros Secondary Towing & Storage utilizes our Qualified National Vendor Network to provide more options to find the best solution for your move. We have the resources and experience to move your truck, trailer, RV, marine products, farm equipment, commercial equipment or industrial equipment. Whether it’s a local or national move, Transit Pros call center handles every aspect of the move from start to finish in the most professional and cost efficient way possible.

If your unit is accruing storage fees unnecessarily call us to arrange a secondary tow. Our logistics team manages your secondary tow with our Qualified National Vendor Network to get your vehicle from its current holding facility to the repair shop, inspection site, auction or salvage facility of your choice. Avoiding unnecessary storage fees helps your bottom line and gets you closer to getting your unit back on the road.

Transit Pros Storage

Transit Pros offers storage arrangement services to all clients. We use our Qualified National Vendor Network to negotiate on your behalf to ensure you are getting the best rates possible for your car, truck, RV, Jet Ski, marine products, farm equipment, industrial equipment, commercial equipment, auction units or salvage units. Safety, cost and reliability are focus points for us and the savings we provide to your business. Pick-up and delivery arrangements are handled by our dedicated team to make sure you are taken care of from start to finish.

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Transit Pros utilizes our Qualified National Vendor Networks to provide services to medium and heavy duty trucks and equipment ranging from towing, transport, storage, CAT recovery, salvage auction, inspections and de-identification.